Camps and Events

When you join Scouts, you get to participate in an adventure. The Troop is led by the Scouts who plan their activities. The Adult Leaders tag along because it is a lot of fun. Listed here are the many activities our Troop enjoys. Won’t you join us?

Camps and events are always scheduled on the Troop Calendar.


Summer Camp

No summer is complete for a Scout without a summer camp. Our Troop ventures up north (more so than we already are) to Tomahawk Scout Reservation in Wisconsin. There we camp for a full week, work on advancement, eat somewhat decent food, and have a whole lot of fun.

Snow Base and Winter Camps

Just like summer, no winter is complete without camping. Our Troop ventures up north to Tomahawk Scout Reservation to participate in Snow Base or we stay local and enjoy the winter activities from a cozy lodge. Even though the weather is cold, our Scouts stay warm with many outdoor activities (as well as indoor). These are great camps to attend, reminding the scouts that just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean you cannot still have fun.

Electronics Weekend

Camping and participating in the Scouting program means being active in the moment with others, engaging in conversation, and interacting socially. Electronic devices, such as smartphones, MP3 players, and hand-held video games are left behind to make room for sleeping bags, water bottles, and hiking equipment.

Except for one weekend…

The Electronics Weekend is a yearly gathering of Scouts where, for one weekend during the winter, the Scouts are encouraged to bring every electronic device they own, set up shop in a large cabin, and spend the next two days playing video games, board games, card games, dice games, watching movies, eating good meals, and in general, getting very little sleep.

Philmont Scout Ranch

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico, Philmont Scout Ranch is full of beauty and adventure. The largest National High Adventure Base in the United States, the location has 55 trail camps over 140,177 acres of rugged mountain wilderness that ranges in elevation from 6,500 to 12,441 feet. Minnesota’s highest natural point is Eagle Mountain at a really short 2,2301 feet.

Since its opening in 1939, Philmont offers hiking adventures during the summer and offseason programs, as well. Everything you can think of, from camping to climbing cliffs, from leisurely walks to long treks on horseback.

This is a special camp that our Troop plans a good year in advance. Entry to the ranch is managed via a lottery system. If a Scout is interested in attending, they can wait to go with the Troop (if we are lucky enough to win the lottery) or they can signup to join another group. Either way, it is worth the trip.


Feed My Starving Children

Scouting is as much about adventure as it is about service. Each year, our Troop participates with Cub Scout Packs, other Scout Troops, and the community to provide service to others. Feed My Starving Children has but one goal: feed the children of the world. In an hour’s time, a group can prep enough meals to feed over 100 children. This is not only a worthwhile event but a fun one, too. Music and energy are everywhere while our Scouts help the world.

Troop Halloween Party

When the weather starts to turn cold and the leaves begin to fall, our Troop starts to sharpen their pocket knives. Each year, we celebrate Halloween by holding a pumpkin carving contest and eating candy (of course). Each Patrol works together to create a Jack O’ Lantern masterpiece that is sometimes funny, sometimes scary, and without a doubt, always a mess to clean up.

Trinity Terrace Holiday Decorating

The holidays are a time of giving and gathering with friends and family. Troop 120 has made it part of their holiday tradition to visit the good folks at Trinity Terrace and decorate their home. Scouts and their families come together, wrestle with large balls of twisted Christmas lights, and have a great deal of fun adding holiday cheer.

Other Activities

The Troop participates in activities each month. Some are big and take a lot of planning. Others are put together in a few meetings. Here is a list of activities the Troop has participated in the past, present, and possible future.

  • All Farmington Camp and Lockin
  • L’Etoile Du Nord Historic Trail Hike
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Swimming Pool Parties (which is a bit of a trap, because we also do the swim test at the same time…)
  • And so much more…