Troop Leadership

Troop 119 is “scout led”, meaning the activities and agenda are set by the scouts. Parents and adult leaders are available to assist, providing guidance where needed, and ready to jump in to ensure the scouts have fun and stay safe.

Scout leadership positions have a set length of time, giving each scout an opportunity to try a leadership position.

The listed leaders are as of 9/23/2021.

Current Troop Scout Leaders

  • Senior Patrol Leader: Alex N.
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader: Quinn T.
  • Scribe: Nathan K.
  • Librarian: Caden A. and Josh C.
  • Outdoor Ethnics Guide: Liam K.
  • Quartermaster: Chad H.
  • Webmaster: Rhys L.

In addition, each Patrol has a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader.

Current Troop Adult Leaders

  • Chartered Organization Representative: Eva Benedetto
  • Executive Officer: Emil Bostrom
  • Unit Advancement Chair: Peter Rundquist
  • Committee Chairman: Dave Toensing
  • Key Three Delegate: Dave Toensing, Eva Benedetto, Kurt Benedetto
  • Scoutmaster: Kurt Benedetto
  • Treasurer: Scott Teipel
  • Troop Admin: Cyrus Kirby, Kurt Benedetto, Peter Rundquist, Thomas Gerlach
  • Committee Member: Bryan Lienke, Chadric Hines, David ToensingErin Haight, Lee West, Luke Schnitzler, Maurine Everett, Peter Rundquist, Scott Teipel
  • Assistant Scoutmasters: Tom Gerlach, Cyrus Kirby