Scout Account Troop Policy


The purpose of this policy is to establish the guidelines for the maintenance of Scout Accounts. The Scout Account is defined as the individual account for each Scout in the troop, funds from which are used to defray scouting expenses for the individual Scout, within the guidelines of this policy the scout shall direct the activities in their own Scout Account. This policy shall set forth the rules and framework related to the account funding, disbursement, and account termination.

II. Establishing the Account

The Scout Account is established when a Scout joins the troop. Each Scout shall have their own Scout Account. The Troop Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining records related to Scout Accounts.
Monies in Scout Accounts shall be reported as liabilities of the Troop.

III. Account Funding

The account may be funded in several ways. The most common are: Rollover from another unit, Deposits by Scout, and proceeds from fundraising. It is the intent of the Troop that the last method be the preferred and most common method of adding funds to the Scout Account.
Scouts that join the Troop may come from another scouting unit with Scout Accounts. The scout may bring funds from these accounts as provided by the policies of the previous unit. Such funds shall be deposited and credited to the Scout upon acceptance of their application to join the Troop.
A Scout or their parents/guardians may make direct deposits to the Scout Account. They should do so only in complete acceptance of this policy, with particular regard to the sections on Disbursement, and Termination. It is the intent of the Troop that these deposits come primarily as a method to save for
camping expenses and scouting activities.

IV. Account Disbursement

Funds from the Scout Account may only be disbursed for the purpose of defraying scouting expenses.
These may include but are not limited to Camp Out Costs, Summer Camp, or High Adventure. As the Treasurer pays these expenses on behalf of the Scout, the funds are deducted from the Account balance.
The Treasurer may require written direction to utilize account funds, as deemed appropriate. A complete accounting of Scout Account activity will be made upon request.

V. Account Termination

When a Scout leaves the Troop or is dropped from the Troop Charter, the Scout Account is terminated. In the event that the Scout joins another unit that provides for Scout Accounts, any funds remaining in the
account will be transferred to the new unit. They will be transferred via a check payable to the new unit, noting the name of the Scout for whom the check is processed. If a Scout leaves the Troop and does not join another scout unit, or if the Scout becomes inactive and is dropped from the Troop Charter, any funds in the Scout Account may be transferred to another active family member in the Troop (youth or adult) otherwise the funds shall revert to the Troop. Should a “dropped” Scout subsequently become active in the Troop funds shall not be replenished.

When a Scout becomes 18 years of age, and is no longer eligible to be a youth member of BSA, their Scout Account shall terminate. If they remain a registered Scouter with the Troop, a Leader Account will be established, and the funds will continue to be available for their use. If they do not, the  receding paragraph shall apply.